The Looks Of Inspiration!

Sagt om Albin Vega:

Albin builds a realistic boat for the man who has a dream.
A 27' cruiser which has been around the world three times, crossed the Atlantic twelve times and holds an international transatlantic crossing record for a boat of her size. 2171 miles in 14 days and 16 hours.
She is the only boat of her size that will match, item for item, the capabilities, strength and standard equipment of boats twice her size and twice her price. She has a full lead and iron keel integrally fiberglassed right into the hull. She has a sandwich type fiberglass deck bonded to the hull with stainless steel bolts on 4" centers. She's tough. So tough, in fact, she was the only boat in a marina to survive being ripped from her moorings and battered against a seawall for hours by hurricane force winds. Not only is she built to withstand heavy seas, she's built to sail in them. And handle. Her long water line gives her a directional stability that's unrivaled. Lash the wheel, adjust the sails and she'll sail to the windward for hours at a time. There are other things you want in a boat that crosses oceans. Realistic things like through-the-mast roller reefing, double lifelines, all stainless steel hardware, watertight hatch seals, a true bridgedeck in the cockpit and safety glass ports in sealed, leakproof frames. You'll want an interior designed to function, with room to feed and sleep a crew in comfort and storage for a transatlantic crossing. You'll want all these things and more, and you'll find them in the Vega 27. Realistically designed by men of vision to be one of the toughest, most sailable craft in the world. Vega's just one in the Albin line - rugged, seaworthy, blue water cruising vessels of extraordinary capability. Realistic boats for men who dream of crossing oceans. She was - indeed still is - immensely tough and has proved herself offshore in countless ocean voyages. The Vega could be a very good choice for those sailors whose eyes turn towards the horizon. The Vega 27 is one of the under-acknowledged treasures of the last quarter of the 20th century.